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Thankfully, not every matter that requires legal assistance arises out of conflict; lawyers also help their clients create opportunities, whether a client is growing an investment portfolio, managing property, selling or leasing real estate, or starting a business.  


Matt regularly advises and assists his clients regarding these transactions with an eye towards anticipating problems before they arise.  

  • Leasing:  California State law governing the landlord-tenant relationship in both residential and commercial contexts is constantly in a state of flux. It is critical for lessors, especially, to keep abreast of evolving statutory obligations pertaining to disability access, crime mitigation, and habitability, to mention just a few topics. Matt has represented both owners and tenants of commercial property in lease negotiations, which include not only the negotiating and drafting of leases, but at times also may require the negotiation of an early termination of a lease, whether from the tenant’s or landlord’s perspective.   

  • Sales and Land Use:  In addition to assisting clients with the contractual and disclosure aspects of off-market sales, Matt regularly helps real estate salespersons and brokers to help their own clients with questions regarding the legal effect of both express and implied easements, disclosure issues, zoning,  and any other matter that may arise related to real estate.      

  • Real Estate Investment:  It is so important for investors contemplating investments in real estate to confer with an experienced attorney to ensure that their investment is properly secured.  Some investors can be “penny wise, pound foolish” by foregoing consultation with counsel and committing hundreds of thousands of dollars to an investment that may turn out to be “too good to be true.”  Matt regularly assists private lenders and borrowers with memorializing and securing loans, as well as advising clients about potential pitfalls they may not have considered.

  • Corporate/LLC Formation:  Risk management is a critical component of owning income-producing property or a business. Matt will help owners of income-producing properties mitigate risk through the formation of corporate or LLC entities to hold investment properties to maximize the preservation of assets.    

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